Welcome Home Books and Prints / by Angela Jimenez

Dear Friends-

This summer, the amazing Kelly Horrigan Handmade will be carrying a VERY small number of copies of Welcome Home and a selection of really gorgeous fine art prints from the book at her booth in Crafts at the Festival.

The Welcome Home book is officially SOLD OUT. I was keeping one unopened box for posterity, BUT! In honor of the last Festival, I cracked open the sacred last box and am offering 15 copies of Welcome Home as Collector's Sets, which include a copy of the book and two 5x7 matted prints in a box. These will ONLY be for sale at the Festival, first-come, first-served.

Also, a small set of prints from the book will be available as large, limited edition versions and also at an affordable 5x7 size - these are archival inkjet prints matted and framed with museum-quality materials. The prints & info are listed below. I hope you enjoy them.

Please visit Kelly Horrigan in Crafts. I wish I could be there with you in person at the final Festival, but I will be in France with my mom, working on a new book project. I will be with you in spirit and hope you have a wonderful summer and Festival.

much love


p.s. A number of people have contacted me asking about copies of the Welcome Home book. I would love to print more copies, but it is a big investment. Please click here to tell me you are interested and to keep in touch.

p.p.s. If you have a custom order/request for images from the book or other questions please contact me.

*Welcome Home is an independent project by Angela Jimenez Photography